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Sightline [DK2 support released]



  • GrobmGrobm Posts: 57
    Hiro Protagonist
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thank you a lot! ^^

    I put up another video, showing a scene with a mirror, but it's not a working puzzle yet.

  • love the character and music!
    I guess you'd need to match those circles in the mirror with the ones behind you somehow to open the gate? lol, a wild guess
  • YorickYorick Posts: 63
    Hiro Protagonist
    Good progress!
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist

    sbrezhnev: No, the actual puzzle is going to be quite different, but I don't want to spoil everything, so I won't tell much ^^'

    But here's a new video, showing first part of more action: The room with the spikes of doom (also taste of the interactive soundtrack):

  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    Hello again!
    I uploaded the 2nd milestone video, you can watch it here:

    I'll be glad for your comments, but right now I'm gonna go and forget about it for a few hours... I've been working on this almost every single moment I could and it's kinda exhausting ^^'
  • amazing! this already looks like it's ready for release! solid work :)
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    But personally I think it's far from ready to release, at least by my standards. There's almost no polish and the whole game is kinda short (in the video, there are almost all the scenes that are in the game) and I still have to finish the scenes and tie them together so it's actually playable. ^^'
  • RowlazRowlaz Posts: 17
    With the Oculus, mind games like these will become really fun! Awesome work so far you guys! ;)
  • whoisonlinewhoisonline Posts: 415
    This one is highly antisipated.
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thank you for the comments.

    However I have some bad news. The person who was doing the voice acting only recorded some of the lines and I'm still waiting for the rest, but he's not responding to my messages anymore. With the deadline in a few days, I'm getting really nervous, because this game won't work without the narration (it provides many clues and helps to create atmosphere)

    I want to ask: does anyone have a good voice and would be willing to record the lines for me as quickly as possible, so I don't have to resort to using awful sounding voice synthesis?
  • Don't stress. I actually liked the synthesized voice better.
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    I can't use the synthesized voice in the submitted build (I'll have to find a different synthesizer). Also I got a lot of comments from people I showed it to, saying that the voice is awful (also it doesn't pronounce some things right or the way I need it to). I think it would hurt the whole experience from the game if it had monotone voice like that
  • jceipekjceipek Posts: 13
    Just letting you know - I'm still available to do VO if you need it. I just sent you some samples via PM. My usual voiceover mic is about 500 miles away at the moment, but my builtin laptop mic is still much better than a synthesized voice.
  • DuselDusel Posts: 40
    Brain Burst
    Maybe you should contact the OP from over here viewtopic.php?f=51&t=3664
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    Good news! SightLine prototype has been finished and released! Check out the first post!
  • This is by far the best game I've seen so far. Like something straight out of the Twilight Zone. The subtle direction of the narration is brilliant.
  • Dexter111Dexter111 Posts: 184
    Awesome concept, especially loved the first part and from a gameplay perspective the second part is great too I guess, but it wasn't as exciting and it didn't seem as polished overall.

    I haven't really finished it yet, since I found a bug and my blob of black goo fell into a bottomless pit :P
    When the room fills with spikes from above, I ran towards/under the fan and then with my back into the direction where I first entered the room and I didn't expect it indeed.
    Also, I'll have to admit that I didn't quite get the door puzzle from that bit of instruction in a few minutes, lost patience and looked it up.

    Professional narration would likely improve the experience and I'm not sure about the respawny nature of it where you have to do the entire bit again.
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    coasterpro: Thanks! O.O

    Dexter111: Thank you. I'm sorry for the lack of polish, there wasn't enough time (I'm kinda one-man team + musician and person who did the voice).
    I'm not sure how can you fall into bottomless pit after the room fills with spikes, it's supposed to be blocked with colliders at that point O.O That's very odd. You fell through the pit that was there before right?

    Also sorry for the respawning at the beginning. It's scripted in a way that the scene changes as you solve it and walk around it and it would require extra time to implement respawning in the last segment you played (or rather, I should devise a better way to implement it, so it's easier to load individual segments, right now the scripts are kinda ugly from the hurry and constant changing and entangled if you know what I mean ^^' ).

    I hope that these things won't ruin the experience for the judges too much. :-(
  • Dexter111Dexter111 Posts: 184
    Frooxius wrote:
    I'm not sure how can you fall into bottomless pit after the room fills with spikes, it's supposed to be blocked with colliders at that point O.O That's very odd. You fell through the pit that was there before right?
    Nope, that pit wasn't even there anymore. When you enter the room the first time, there are 4 spikes... one turns into a big ventilator, then you run into the "Dead End" and when you come back again there are 8 more spikes that appear and there is another exit that gets blocked right away. At that point I instinctively ran under the ventilator before the first set of the 8 spikes fell, I turned around to watch the spikes fall and steered backwards from under the ventilator in about the direction where you enter this room for the first time and I fell outside the level. Could see it getting smaller and smaller and then just black for a long time which is when I had to force-close the game.
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    Oops! I didn't realize players would run under the ventilator, they're not supposed to go there at all, that area is nonfunctional at that point O.O Thanks for pointing that out, although now it's a bit too late to fix it :-(
  • AnanasAnanas Posts: 181
    Amazing concept. Things like this are perfect with the Rift. One of the most well done games in VRJam. Everything worked well, except that
    I fell too into darkness when 8 spikes began to come down.
    Going to play it to the end later though. I loved the use of particles flying around. The bridge was well made too, all the time I was afraid it would throw me down. :)
    It's unbeliavable how good work so few people can make.
    I want HL3 too, let's hope Gaben tries this game.

    There have been just too many good games out yesterday and today, feels like Christmas when opening a game after another. :D
  • regularslinkyregularslinky Posts: 148
    Brain Burst
    I don't think Im very far through this game at all but so far it is absolutely brilliant. PLEASE make more checkpoints though! I just
    died when the meteor hit me
    and it put me straight back
    in front of the door again.
    Also the level select buttons don't work.

    Really great work though. Im really enjoying it.
  • marchansenjmarchansenj Posts: 77
    Hiro Protagonist
    Truly impressive accomplishment. I love the concept and loved the writing! Going to play some more after work.
  • DuselDusel Posts: 40
    Brain Burst
    This was one of the best VR experiences for me so far! The concept itself was awesome, but with the rift, this is a whole new genre :D The only thing i would suggest is:
    1. adding some checkpoints, especially in the 2. scene, i died quite often to be honest :D
    2. more levels please! :D
  • whoisonlinewhoisonline Posts: 415
    Sightline is by far the trippiest demo I've had the pleasure of enjoying on the rift.
    The concept, gameplay, graphics are spot on. This is another one I would love to play on the Omni.
    I only did part 1, ill try part 2 another time, I'm not reading the spoilers so It might take me a while to figure part 2 out.

    Thanks for sharing this great demo.

  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    Wow thanks! (sorry for late response, I had to do some other chunk of work in my job and other things that I've been kinda neglecting during the game jam :D ) I'm glad you like it ^^ looks like my chances just got slightly less slim x3

    Sorry about the falling down during the second part of the spike scene, I'm quite unsure what that causes though

    regularslinky + dusel: Yeah, sorry again about no checkpoints, the final game will have these, but I didn't manage to implement them in time. I have some plans to develop this into a fully fledged game and ideas for a bunch of other puzzles that didn't make it into the prototype, so there will be more! ^^

    Odd that the level select doesn't work. Are you sure you are pressing the numbers on the numpad (also is numpad enabled?) instead of numbers on alphanumeric portion?

    whoisonline: Oh! Thanks for the video a lot! I supported Omni on KickStarter myself, so whenever it comes, I'll make sure to add support. Hope you get through part 2 soon too! Thanks again for the video, I like how is it done.

    Anyway I forgot to add, I made a full playthrough video myself, if you don't mind spoilers (or have already played it or got stuck), you can watch it here:

  • Thodder7Thodder7 Posts: 95
    Hiro Protagonist
    Loved this game!

    Here is my Video Review:


    Thanks for watching!

    - Tyler
    Join the VR Brotherhood: http://bit.ly/1iUAjuf
    Our Youtube Channel!: https://www.youtube.com/user/VRBrotherhood/videos
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    I "wow'd out loud" and you nearly brought me to tears when the spinning elevator went from black sky to blue sky with a terrain and birds and upbeat music.
    That's creative genius right there. :) Thank you for that! Great use of particles all around. Very entertaining all the way through, and I am leaning toward this sort of thing being my favorite type of Rift experience.
    (If you haven't played "The Trip", that's neat too, and gives me a similar sense of surprise as you look around)
    Frooxius wrote:
    Oops! I didn't realize players would run under the ventilator, they're not supposed to go there at all, that area is nonfunctional at that point O.O Thanks for pointing that out, although now it's a bit too late to fix it :-(
    Yep, I did the same thing! Ran to what I already knew to be safe. :) No worries, the game is compelling enough to go through the first part of part 2 all over again just to see what happens next! :)
    Loved seeing "myself" toward the end. Very trippy! :shock:

    And, I know this was a jam entry that was created under time pressure, but I do want to point out that as someone with a hearing loss and couldn't understand 95% of what the narrator was saying, I'll be expecting these sorts of narrated experiences to have a subtitle option when released in a commercial capacity (and you can localize it for multiple languages in the process!).

    Very awesome job -- you should be very proud of this! :)
  • HappyHimitsuHappyHimitsu Posts: 993
    This was a great experience! I had a ton of fun and even got a little 'philosophical' along the way. :)
    Great work guys, it's these kinds of ideas that really make the bucket bigger and bring what used to be just 'video games' into an entirely different territory.
    Cheers! :)
    “If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all.”
    (~I really gotta remember this shiz~)
    ― Yogi Bhajan
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