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Sightline [DK2 support released]



  • spinaljackspinaljack Posts: 347 Oculus Start Member
    Crowd funding is a good way to gauge interest with the current concept. It might be that people want to see more before they'll put money down on it.

    Still the best way to get the word out is through major websites.

    As for paying more for an alpha I think most kickstarters do this so go for it.
    That said Planetary Annihilation is getting flack for charging £40 for early access on steam (same price as the kickstarter beta tier) without telling people that the game will be cheaper on release. Just depends on where you sell it I guess.
  • DarkJamesDarkJames Posts: 181
    Mac build worked quite well for me and the game looks very neat! However I don't have headphones at the moment so I was playing without sound.
    Seeing is believing
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    spinaljack: Thanks for help and suggestions! Do you know a good major websites I might try? I'm not even sure how to actually get their interest, I always get ignored :-(

    DarkJames: Thanks for feedback on the Mac prototype. You should play it with sound though, it's very important element in SightLine! It has a narrative and semi-interactive soundtrack and without that it's not even half the experience it's supposed to be.

    phillipfoshee: Hehe, thanks for sharing. That looks quite interesting.

    I made non-Oculus version for people who don't have Oculus, but if someone here who tried the Oculus one doesn't mind trying it out to see how it compares to the Oculus version I would be glad for feedback on that. :-)

    Get 1.1.1 Windows build (No Oculus - Screen version)

    I've started sketching a new variants of the logo, would you mind telling me what you think of the designs? They're very rough so far, just to get the general idea.


    Also Sakabi who composed SightLine's soundtrack made following logo suggestions:

  • Dexter111Dexter111 Posts: 184
    If you have any possibility to you should try getting this on KickStarter, it has a lot wider visibility and can in itself be a marketing tool, from past experiences IndieGogo campaigns seem to utterly fail a lot more and get a lot less funding in general.

    If you decide to go for Indiegogo though, be prepared to not get anywhere near your goal and depending on how you set it up (Fixed versus Flexible funding) you might get some money to start working but not much else.

    Regarding media, have you tried writing RoadtoVR for instance for an Interview or similar? They're not exactly big but might give you some attention. Another PC site/blog which is a lot bigger and might show some interest could be RPS: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/ but they aren't much into VR and would possibly ignore you.

    Other than that look for some publications or popular Blogs (especially from the country you are in - although it might be somewhat harder in the Czech Republic than say Germany or the UK) that might give you some attention (possibly play your game and do an Interview), maybe even some popular YouTubers (especially those that have shown interest in VR). Send them your game demo (Non-VR and VR if interested) and tell them about being 3rd place in the VRJam: http://www.oculus.com/vrjam/ and what you want to do.
    Maybe also try to contact Oculus and tell them that you want to make it into a full game for the Launch of the Rift and see if they are able to help in whatever way (PR, money)...
    The whole Crowdfunding thing is a bit less popular and Hypeworthy than at the beginning and its harder to get an initial momentum.

    Anyway, good luck.
  • BerkamyahBerkamyah Posts: 5
    First of all, yours is my favorite of all the oculus rift experiences available as of now, I absolutely LOVE studying physics and am a huge gamer so your game just mixes my favorite things in life together! I will definitely support your games funding no matter what site you use!

    Secondly, I saw your game for the first time just four days ago watching a "Rift Reviewer Channel" on youtube where someone reviewed your game. If you are going to start a campaign to raise funds, I would suggest you create (if you don't already have one) a youtube channel highlighting your game and your work if you can. Everyone with a rift or just aware of and excited about is scowering youtube for "Oculus Rift" videos to see and add games to there ever growing list. If you create said videos tagging your game as an Oculus Rift game, I'm sure the viewer count will grow very quickly and so many more people with a rift will be aware of your game and your desire to crowdfund it. Should definatley help you get funded!

    Best of luck! :D:D:D:D:D
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    Hello again!
    Sorry for being quiet for a while, I had some difficulties and things keeping me, but SightLine is now back on track to become a fully fledged game! :-) I've written a proper hard sci-fi story (which will explain why the world behaves in such surreal way) and many more experiences based on shifting your gaze and tilting your head (with combination of other gameplay elements and items related to seeing things), what I need are money and people who will help me implement them!

    So I'll be launching IndieGogo campaign very soon! I've prepared most materials, including a video pitch and I would like your feedback on it!

    What's been already suggested and will be changing:
    • Subtitles (I know, I sound awful, I don't have much chance to speak in English in voice plus I'm very nervous)
    • Tweaking voice volume (it seems to be low during some parts)
    • A short segment talking about some of the plans for the future game (+ some sketches and such)

    I'm looking forward to your feedback! ^^
  • GanjaroachGanjaroach Posts: 449
    Hiro Protagonist
    So glad you are going to do a IndieGogo Campaign, I really loved the idea of this game. Great campaign video, you don't have to speak perfect English shit half the time I can't understand my self. :) Can't wait to see what you do with this as a full game and I will definitely be backing this.
  • 8bit8bit Posts: 94 Oculus Start Member
    Great video man. I like the transitions and graphics and your reviewers are spliced nicely into it.
    I'd say the only thing missing for me, besides the stuff you already mentioned, is some one liner to help your audience understand and relate to your game.
    I like telling other people about your game but sometimes have difficulty telling people what it is. If you were to feed us a simple explanation then it will be easier to spread the word. Just my 2 cents.

    Here are some simple ways I try to explain it to friends:
    "A trippy 3D puzzle game in virtual reality."
    "It's a narrative puzzle game kind of like Portal but you use your Rift instead of a gun."
    Then I usually talk about the clock puzzle or something.

    Anyway, I'm sure you could come up with a better simple one line explanation that fits your style and vision.

    Good luck! I will definitely be backing you!
    Your video is great and as people have said don't worry about your English. :)
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    ganjaroach: Thanks! :)

    8bit: Thanks for advice. I tried to explain the principle of the game in the video, but throwing one-liner explanation at the beginning seems like a good idea! Where would it be ideal to put it?

    I was thinking something like:
    "A game played by looking!" (alt. "seeing", "observing")
    "A game played by shifting your gaze"
    "A game where things change the moment they leave your line of sight"
    "A game where things change when you look away"
    "Adventure based on object permanence and gaze direction"

    Does any of that sound good?
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    I suppose an explicit tagline is in order, but it would still be cool to "stylize it" by re-using/re-mixing a well-known phrase or quote. Since Sightline is all about the world changing when you're not looking (right?), there's probably a lot of phrases out there already. Although probably not a good fit for Sightline, here's an example: "A watched pot never boils", and then showing a pot of water that immediately starts boiling when you look away from it. Or something? :)
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    drash: That's a good idea! I'll have a look through the phrases and I'll see what I can come up with. There's also "Watch grass grow" one, but Family Guy already did that one :D

    EDIT: Here's some stuff I came up with so far:
    "Look away before you die" (this is one probably meh)
    "Seeing is believing. Not seeing is change."
    "Seeing is believing. But don't believe what you saw."
    "Seeing is believing if you don't look away"
    "Seeing is believing. Just don't look away."
    "Seeing is believing, but don't look away."
  • "Seeing is believing. Don't believe what you see."
  • WhelanWebWhelanWeb Posts: 584
    Got a game in development or a cool piece of VR tech you want to show off? We are looking for demos, trailers and all things VR. Just send us a mail and we would be more than happy to feature it on our site.

  • bandorsbandors Posts: 5
    I'm trying to throw money at my screen, but it's not going through. I love what I've played so far!
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    I'm excited to announce that the crowdfunding campaign for SightLine has launched!

    Support SightLine on IndieGogo here!

    Official website  |  Facebook Page

    Help us make this reality! Pledge, share and comment! :)

    As a special treat, he's the last part of SightLine Prelude, finishing the surreal sci-fi short about the events before the story of SightLine.

    Also I have made new topic for the development of the full game after VR Jam, so you can get updates and continue discussion here:
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    Hello Rifters!

    So today my DK2 finally arrived (6 days after getting shipped - the fun of living in the middle of Europe :) ) and I immediately went to update the original prototype of SightLine from the 2013 VR Jam with the new 0.4.0 SDK with DK2 support and positional tracking.

    Download Here!
    Visit official website
    Vote for us on GreenLight!
    Like us on Facebook and receive updates

    I've thrown in a few fixes and small improvements as well. Enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment! ^^

    I must say for myself that DK2 makes much bigger difference than I expected. The sense of presence is way stronger, world feels bigger (things aren't blurred so much in distance), movement feels smoother and colors are prettier! SightLine feels completely different than with DK1 (sadly it doesn't utilize positional tracking much - there's not much fine detail in the world) and I've noticed that the sense of scale is different from DK1 - things look bigger - sorry for that.

    In the past few days, I've been also working on a **completely new SightLine demo**, designed to be purely seated experience: Just put Rift on and look around - so keep a look out on that in next few days :)

    In the meanwhile, here's a tiny sneak preview (very early WIP - don't want to give much spoilers): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNugNPZ74wM

    So I hope you'll enjoy SightLine again with DK2, despite it feeling already outdated at this point - I'm working hard with a few people behind the scenes to turn it into a full polished game and we need your support for that, so please don't forget to share, comment and follow on Facebook!
  • 8bit8bit Posts: 94 Oculus Start Member
    Wow that was fast. Downloading now. Keep up the good work Frooxius.
    BTW, I live in the US and just got mine today too. Don't feel so bad :)
  • cefylcefyl Posts: 37
    I loved that DK2 version. But there's good and there's something awfull.

    Here's my experience :

    Starting room : great, nice explanations
    The tower : i nearly cried, really splendid, i believe it's the most amazing thing i saw in the 30th demo i tested.
    The wooden bridges : cool moment.

    Then everything went fine until i enter the "castle" just after the fireballs in the dark.
    I began walking there and i became awfully sick. i don't know if it's because of the speed we move, the speed we turn but it made me exiting the demo, i couldn't get anymore. By talking, i head that my internet's friends became sick too.

    Really, i think it's one of the bests demo that i know about and i'd love to see it become better :) But the VR sickness is pretty hard :/

    I saw that the version is outdated. Does the newest one get rid of VR Sickness ?
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  • ad2003ad2003 Posts: 196
    thanks for the update!
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  • Hiro_Protag0nistHiro_Protag0nist Posts: 4,978 Valuable Player
    Can't seem to get this working at all.

    i5 CPU
    AMD card
    Win 7 x64.

    Anybody else having problems?
  • przecinekprzecinek Posts: 596
    Nexus 6
    cefyl wrote:
    Then everything went fine until i enter the "castle" just after the fireballs in the dark.
    I began walking there and i became awfully sick. i don't know if it's because of the speed we move, the speed we turn but it made me exiting the demo, i couldn't get anymore. By talking, i head that my internet's friends became sick too.

    My guess is that game might go below 60 FPS when you reach the castle. That could cause the sudden motion sickness.
  • REDxFROGREDxFROG Posts: 37
    Brain Burst
    Just black screen like the Tuscany demo
    :( HD6970.
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 181
    Hiro Protagonist
    Hello guys and thanks for your comments!

    Sorry to hear that you have trouble running the game, there's more people reporting the same issue, usually it seems with AMD cards and I'm still unsure what's causing it. Can you try running a screen version (using the included .bat or launch with -Screen argument) to see if that works?

    cefyl: Thanks and sorry for the sickness. It's kinda strange, people are reporting sickness at seemingly random moments, so I'm unsure if it's any particular location. Was the framerate okay? Some people also reported FPS drops, which can quickly cause sickness. Do you get sickness from other similar demos?
  • CarandiruCarandiru Posts: 229
    Hiro Protagonist

    This is a great demo, definitely recommend!
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  • DariusDarius Posts: 177
    Hiro Protagonist
    Sweet mama!! Just experienced it on the DK2. It's just like being in a dream. Very cool Frooxius, well done!!!
  • HOLY SHIT what a freaking cool demo! But I have a problem, when I start the demo, I am positioned "behind" the black blob thingy.. so I can't see in front of me without peeking around the black blob, which presumably is supposed to be my own "body"

    Could you add a button to "reset position"? My positional camera is on top of a HDTV in the distance, around 5 feet and 6 inches away from my head.
    DK2 ordered on March 19, 2014 at 11:03 AM PDT status: RECEIVED
  • Also not working on my DK2 with an AMD card.

    The bat file does not work either.

    In either case, the screen will start to display the game, but after a second it will stop responding and I will have to end task from task manager.

    EDIT: NEVERMIND! Got it to work by switching the mode to Direct. I am used to all the other demos needing to be in extended mode I guess.

    It still crashed the first time I ran the exe in Direct mode, but the second time it ran almost flawlessly!

    Like others have experienced, there is bad juttering going on in the outdoor scene with the tower.

    Another improvement I can suggest, near the end of the demo, the scenes didnt seem to transition as well as the first set of scenes. The whole world would just fade out and go to the next scene (space to the weird area with ropes all over the place, and also that scene to the final scene). It would flow a lot better if it could transition between those scenes subtly.

    The only other bad thing I noticed: The video that gets played on the monitor at the beginning... something didn't seem right about it, it felt like my eyes were getting crossed when looking at it, like it wasnt properly displayed to each eye.

    Anyone else notice this?
  • cyril3dcyril3d Posts: 55
    Brain Burst

    The 1.2 version supports DK2 but the framerate is very low and the images choppy just like the new sightline (the chair) demon. Am I the only one with this problem please?


  • andyring wrote:
    Can't seem to get this working at all.

    i5 CPU
    AMD card
    Win 7 x64.

    Anybody else having problems?

    I can't ge it to work on the DK2 either. on the desktop it works fine but on the DK2 its a black screen. My rig is the same as yours, AMD Radeon HD 7570, win 7 x64

    Maybe it onl works on win 8? I know virtual desktop only does
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