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Sightline [DK2 support released]



  • adiliciousadilicious Posts: 2
    Hey Everybody I wanted to post a guide that worked for me for anybody that had issues with starting the game with an AMD card. I would start the game and would just get a black screen no matter what I tried. But finally I figured out a solution that works for me and will hopefully work for others.

    I managed to fix this by running the game with the wonderful VR GAME MANAGER: http://www.vrapps.co/app-70-unofficial-vr-game-manager.html .

    - You download and start the game manager.
    - Add the game to the manager by clicking "Add..." and choosing the sightline.exe file.
    - Choose "Force graphics D3D9 Unity"
    - Choose "Force resolution 1920 x 1080"
    - Choose "Disable Aero"
    - Click "Launch Game" and the game should start in rift mode.

    This worked for me and will also, hopefully, help you!
  • bandorsbandors Posts: 5
    This was the greatest dk2 experience of 2014 imho
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