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[UPDATE - v1.1] Alone



  • I love horror games, just not a big fan of jumpscares. Does this game contain any?
  • AllocAlloc Posts: 59
    Hiro Protagonist
    TalonAxe wrote:
    I love horror games, just not a big fan of jumpscares. Does this game contain any?

    I did not jump at any point
  • YoshidkYoshidk Posts: 12
    Any chance this is being updated for DK2?
  • woutwout Posts: 1
    Are there plans to make 'alone' DK2 compatible? I had this demo a year ago and I was hooked. A few weeks ago I received my own rift, but the demo is not DK2-ready. I really want to show this awesome experience to others!
  • aerosteakaerosteak Posts: 102
    I didn't have a dk1 (but gave it several tries), but I've been following the rift demo scene for quite some time now. Alone has always been one of the very first experiences I wanted to try on my dk2! Thanks for making this happen!
  • KDoTKDoT Posts: 7
    hey so i have downloaded the game and it loads up all good there, but my dk2 tracking dont work and the image dont show up on my dk2 can you help me with this please
  • EiskalterAlexEiskalterAlex Posts: 6
    Which version I can play the game?

    nice greetings
  • TriskTrisk Posts: 65
    One of the saddest casualties of early VR experimentation is this demo right here. Out of all the many amazing experiences that the Oculus Rift has given me so far, this one stands out as the most unique, creative, and exciting. The idea is fantastic, and I can imagine some interesting scenarios for a full game, for instance:

    A game somewhat like Eternal Darkness, that features multiple main characters and each one you play as adds to the full story. It could be they are all playing a game that swallows those who play it, and you play it over and over through different gamers' eyes. Each time the game is different and fills in more of the blanks, but each time it ends up killing the player at the end. The goal is to piece together what actually happened to the game and to destroy the evil that infests it so that it cannot kill you. Perhaps the final playthrough is then not through some other gamer's eyes in front of a TV, but through your own, within the game, as you attempt to play it and survive based on what you have learned from the other playthroughs... Naturally though, the game is going to throw you some curve balls in this final attempt at freeing the game and ending the evil...

    I mean, that's just one scenario I can think of with about 30 seconds of thought... there are so many others you could use! But... sadly... it seems the developer gave up and left when the going got tough and a kickstarter failed. I hope someone will revive this concept and bring a similar game to fruition, because I consider this idea's abandonment as the greatest single tragedy I've beheld in the burgeoning world of VR.
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  • vice350zvice350z Posts: 1
    I guess greenwood games is no more?
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