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Up to date Setup Tutorial and Hello World

bbagnallbbagnall Posts: 124
Hi, there's quite a few tutorials online but the ones I've found are out of date, such as a Youtube tutorial by a guy in a purple wig. Unfortunately it doesn't work because the Oculus or Unity packages must have changed since then and you get to a point where you can't find the file he wants you to use.

I'm looking for a good tutorial and hello world that works with the latest versions as of April 30, 2016:
Windows 10
Unity 5.3.x
Android Studio Bundle-143.2790544

It's kind of confusing knowing which of the Oculus VR (OVR) files are needed, but I believe I've listed the three above that are required. If there is one place by Oculus or Samsung where the tutorial is kept up to date that would also be great.


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  • bbagnallbbagnall Posts: 124
    Yes I did go through the docs and found them poor for my purposes because they are written to take into account all different possibilities: if you are developing native code, or Unity 4.x, or Unity 5.x, or Unreal Engine, using different OS's, on different VR platforms (Gear VR and Rift). All that makes it rather confusing. There are all these tangents about using legacy packages or developing native code. Several times they vaguely tell you to go to the Unity site or Samsung site and read stuff there, which leads to a combinatorial explosion of other things to click on. Several times it says misleading things like "Most Unity and Unreal developers do not need to install Android Studio or NDK for development." when in fact when you build your project in Unity it specifically asks for the location of the Android SDK, which is installed via Android Studio. They also start off in the wrong order talking about things that I don't care about yet, like best practices for VR development. It's just not what I'm looking for.

    I just need a simple one page "If you have Windows and nothing installed and want to install the latest version of Unity and Oculus API's to develop for Gear VR, here are the steps to follow to get all that stuff installed and running on your computer, followed by a Hello World example." Below this video by the purple wigged guy are 21 steps. Exactly what I need! But it is so out of date and doesn't apply anymore:

    There's a newer video tutorial here from January 2016 that looks promising:

    But then I read that on April 27 Unity 5.3.4 was released and it doesn't even require the Oculus plugin anymore. Of course, by following the instructions to install the Oculus plugin I deleted all the files in a directory and replaced them with the Oculus plugin files. Did that screw things up? I have no idea. FFS. All I know is when I try to build I get an error as described in another thread:

    Anyway, that's been my experience. If I had been a long time developer following these changes as they came and understanding the packages as things evolved it would make sense. As someone coming to this new just wanting to get started, it's not a great introduction to VR development.
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