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Unity App for Gear VR freezes on galaxy S7

I am working on a Unity app for Gear VR on a Galaxy S7 (Android 6.0.1).  I am building this with Unity 5.3.4.p3 and Oculus Utilities v

The app freezes after some period of time. Looking at adb logcat logs for development build I found a few Oculus related error messages and it seems like the task is eventually killed by the ActivityManager:

E SDKLoggingService: Unable to find AppId for package (<My package name>)

E SDKLoggingService: com.oculus.horizon.service.ExternalPlatform$PackageNotInLibraryException: Package <My package name> not in users library

E PresenceManager: Unknown app (<My package name>) logging presence.

E PresenceManager: com.oculus.horizon.service.ExternalPlatform$PackageNotInLibraryException: Package <My package name> not in users library

I ActivityManager: Killing 11387:<My package name>/u0a217 (adj 9): remove task

I could not find anything related to com.oculus.horizon.service.ExternalPlatform$PackageNotInLibraryException. So this is really puzzling.

Anyone experienced similar issues?


  • rkislayarkislaya Posts: 1
    We are getting this issue too and it's going to block our project progress severely from tomorrow.

    My guess is that Oculus' Horizon Service is blocking any app that uses VR and isn't in the Oculus Library (Oculus share App store). I'm not sure how developers are supposed to proceed. I'm hoping oculus could give us some more info regarding this. I haven't been able to find any documentation regarding this issue and the logcat is so unhelpful.
  • econtyeconty Posts: 12
    (Old question, I assume it's been fixed already, but I'll answer anyway for other folks looking.)

    Just like on the Oculus Rift, the app has to show up on your Library in the Oculus Store.

    You'll need to publish a signed APK to the Oculus Store.  Follow the instructions in the Publishing pages under the Docs menu.

    Once you do that once, you can install and run builds through the adb interface.

  • matexyumatexyu Posts: 6
    I think I might be facing the same issue (Unity 5.5.1f1 here.)
    It looks like for me it might have started happening after upgrading the Android version of my S7 to version 7. Or maybe this might be related to some Oculus Android software update?

    @econty : It looks to me that this is not described anywhere in the mobile VR documentation, since only per-device OSIG files should be needed during development, see

    Is this a documentation bug, or does the issue lie somewhere else?

    Attached to this post a copy-paste of the errors I was able to capture via Android's monitor utility (LogCat output, errors only) right before of the app crashing (or being crashed...)
  • WatookalWatookal Posts: 2
    Please help! I have the same issue after upgrading my S7 to Android 7.0.

    I am still developing the app and it is not yet ready for publishing to the Oculus Store.
  • boblaublawboblaublaw Posts: 30
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    edited August 4
    Yes, same here.  I test on a Galaxy S6 and an S7 Edge and the S7 Edge has a serious stability issue when launching a particular scene - crashes completely about 75% of the time.  Is there something to look for or try here?

    Unity 5.6.0f3
    Oculus Utilities 1.13.0
    Android 7.0
    device: SM-G935T
  • boblaublawboblaublaw Posts: 30
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    Upgraded to Unity 5.6.3f1 and still experiencing the instability.
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