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how to resubmit to oculus store

My initial submit is rejected. Then I spend two months to improve my app. Now I uploaded my new app to dashboard, it successed. But the question is that I can not change App Information(Submission Info), the button Update App Info in dashboard is disabled. And the Status is still REJECTED. Anything that i did is wrong, or this is the oculus dashboard's bug?  Does oculus will review my submit?  Any help! thanks in advance!


  • vidonmevidonme Posts: 12
    Anyone help me please!
  • vidonmevidonme Posts: 12
    Anyone help me please!
  • FulbyFulby Posts: 184
    This is marked as Answered - what's the answer?
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Sorry for the delay on this. Please email [email protected] and explain what changes you made and they may review it again. Thanks.
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  • vidonmevidonme Posts: 12
  • HoolaHoola Posts: 1
    I have the same issue!
    And support team just ignore me and my questions!
    Please, can you share solution?
  • beanvrbeanvr Posts: 1
    I have same question!
  • vicdelacroixvicdelacroix Posts: 1
    May 2019 and I'm having the same issue!!
  • Onionman77Onionman77 Posts: 24 Oculus Start Member
    Unfortunately the real answer is that you can't. You can write to [email protected] but you will be lucky to get more than a one sentence response. Your best bet is to apply to Oculus Start and hope to get a second look from dedicated support.
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