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Problem with focus when rendering monoscopic (IPD = 0) after SDK 1.3.x

Hello, could somebody help me here?
My app was rendering with IPD = 0 before 1.3.x. It works pretty fine.
I DO NOT shift my cameras according to hmdToEyeViewOffset for each eye. And it renders pretty fine until 0.8.0.

After upgrading my app to 1.3.x. I had no more focus on my image. The SDK does a distortion for me that separates the image on each eye. I assume this happens because the SDK wants to consider the IPD. That my rendering process IS NOT taking care (again, both cameras are in the same position). It's just like rendering in mono, however, I need render each eye separated (because my CONTENT will be stereoscopic). It should not matter, in fact. I am using 1 texture half for each eye, and rendering the SAME THING on each side. Is there a way for me to tell the SDK the I WANT IPD = 0? In other words, that my rendering process will not shift the cameras? What am I doing wrong?


  • galopingalopin Posts: 355
    Nexus 6
    I have no problem with a zero ipd rendering, at least time i tried. Are you sure is it IPD related ? i would suspect more a mismatch from the left and right tangent values. The rift FOV are more unbalanced than the dk2.
  • jhericojherico Posts: 1,420
    I also have no issues when I force the IPD to 0.   If you're seeing problematic rendering it's more likely to do with your projection matrix.
    Brad Davis - Developer for High Fidelity
    Co-author of Oculus Rift in Action

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