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Dashboard: Lost Member management by adding self as Developer

jashanjashan Posts: 29
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In the process of setting up things in the Dashboard, I thought as I'm developer, I should add myself to the list of developers. Unfortunately, as it seems, the member management only lets every individual be part of one group, so while it probably has correctly added me to the list of developers, it has also removed me from the admins. As I was the only admin in my organization, this means I lost access to member management.

Who would be the best person to contact to have this fixed?

Organisation would be "narayana games", and I'm writing this from the account this has happened to (if you check the organisation, you'll probably see that it has not a single admin assigned, and most likely I'm in there as developer).


  • jashanjashan Posts: 29
    Brain Burst
    Now I can see Members again and confirm that what I assumed had happened is really what happened: Admins is empty, Developers has me in there. Also, I can no longer access Financial Info (which I still could access last time I tried).
  • jashanjashan Posts: 29
    Brain Burst

    Will anyone from Oculus have a look at this? I've also sent a message to [email protected]

    That's request #216481.

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