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What is the best way to contact Oculus about receiving the Touch SDK kit?

plyrekplyrek Posts: 32
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I am a VR training developer. For many of my clients it is essential that they can naturally interact with objects in the virtual world. I have tried touch and know what a difference this would make to my client and how much including Touch in my projects would influence sales. Does anyone know of the best way to "apply" for the Touch SDK kit? If there is such a thing. Is there an official process?


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Currently, we've mostly been sending kits to studios we have relationship with, but we do have some ideas on how we can open this up to a broader audience. More details to come soon. Thanks.
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  • vamevame Posts: 2
    This is also interesting to me, we're going to create an interactive model of protein synthesis (RNA translation) for biology students.  Hands on interaction is key to this concept.  Looking forward to hearing about your touch controller access program. 
  • lamour42lamour42 Posts: 119
    edited June 2016
    Very interesting indeed. As a developer of an indie engine it is really frustrating to get new HW very late. I only received my CV1 last week and had to accept my render code didn't work correctly because of unforeseen differences between DK 2 and CV1. Of course nobody else than me is to blame. But still, the sooner we indie developers get access to new HW the sooner we can adapt.

    On the other side, I fully accept that I am not more special than anybody else. I do programming DX12 / Rift for fun in my spare time. Is that inherently more important than playing games? I don't know. Probably not. We are all equal.

    However, if Oculus would open up to early adopters / indie developers with touch I would very much appreciate it. Money is really not the issue here. I don't need anything for free. But getting touch early - that would be fantastic.
  • CogSimGuyCogSimGuy Posts: 33
    Brain Burst
    Agreed, early access for non-mainstream industries (simulation & training for me) would be very welcome...
  • ConstellationConstellation Posts: 211
    This twitter thread might shed some light on enterprise dev kit.
  • delphinius81delphinius81 Posts: 297
    Nexus 6
    Tried that approach, but never got a reply to my email (though I'm sure Callum received hundreds so not surprised at that). Would love for there to be another way to apply. Though I'm sure having something launched in the store already would go a long way to getting access.
  • CogSimGuyCogSimGuy Posts: 33
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    Thanks Jeff

  • solidsnake4444solidsnake4444 Posts: 28
    From what I know, Jeff's method is the best way so far. Give that a shot.
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