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[UE4] FMOD workflow docs are needed

motorsepmotorsep Posts: 1,504 Oculus Start Member
Before I used Oculus Spatializer, things were simple as 3D panner that comes with stock FMOD/plugin works intuitively. Plus I can see attenuation in the Editor and whatever I see matches whatever I hear.

Using Oculus Spatializer instead of 3D panner is not intuitive and there is no documentation about how to work with it.

This post seems to be quite dated, as Oculus Spatializer panel has different controls now in FMOD 1.08: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?61257-An-idiots-guide-to-using-the-Oculus-SDK-with-FMOD

I tried adding Distance next to Timeline and making a curve by adding Automation to the master volume, but it did nothing.

Then I tried using knobs to set distance min and max, while it actually worked, distance using knobs doesn't match UE4 distance. For example, I trace from the view 1500 units forward. It's not a long distance. It's actually a way, a way shorter than distance from my hidden spawning room to 3D sound source. However, if I set max distance with the knob to 1000 units in FMOD Studio, I can clearly hear that 3D sound as if there is no attenuation. So in order for me to have attenuation where I can't hear that sound in the spawning room, I need to set max distance to about 800 units. However, 800 units in UE4 is a very short distance. 

Not only this back and forth doesn't help iteration process, I am not even sure if I am doing it correctly.

Can someone please explain how to work with 3D sounds in UE4 / FMOD when using Oculus Spatializer and perhaps make up-to-date docs for the workflow ?

Thanks beforehand 
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