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[UE4][SOLVED] FMOD Oculus Spatializer (potential) bug

motorsepmotorsep Posts: 1,449 Oculus Start Member
edited July 2016 in Audio SDK Development
@DaveDriggers @PeterStirling

Here is my setup, per FMOD's official training videos:

If I use Oculus Spatializer, no matter what I do, 3D scatterer sound stops playing shortly after I press play in the Events Editor (some times it actually goes into first loop, but then stops playing). Same goes for Sandbox and actual game. By stops playing I mean I don't hear any sound, while the marker on the timeline keeps running in loops. Logs don't show any related errors or warnings. 

If I use FMOD's 3D panner, scatterer sound plays endlessly in the Event Studio and Sandbox, as it suppose to (didn't pay attention to looping in the game as I wasn't aware of the issue at the time when I was using 3D panner instead of Oculus Spatializer).

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong (I doubt that since I followed FMOD's official tutorial) ? 

Thanks beforehand


  • motorsepmotorsep Posts: 1,449 Oculus Start Member
    It's kinda a show stopper for me  :/
  • motorsepmotorsep Posts: 1,449 Oculus Start Member
    Solved! (Thanks Pete)

    If someone is having the same issue, the answer is here: http://www.fmod.org/questions/question/fmod-oculus-spatializer-potential-bug/
  • PetrozaPetroza Posts: 149 Oculus Staff
    Copying answer here for posterity:

    This is the result of the sounds getting spatialized (or more specifically attenuated) twice. The scatter applies 3D panning and attenuation, then the spatializer plugin applies additional attenuation on top of that – so it gets attenuated twice and gets very quiet or silent.

    There are two options here, depending on whether you want to scatter the sounds or just trigger them randomly.

    If you want to scatter using the spatializer you need to use events instead of sound files. Put a sound you want to scatter into it’s own event, then replace the 3D panner with Oculus spatializer. Then put this event inside your scatterer sound playlist. Note: make sure there is no spatializer or 3D panner on the parent event that holds the scatterer sound. Note2: this will spawn many instances of the spatializer which has a greater performance hit than 3D panning, this could be an issue if there are many sounds playing at once.

    Alternatively you can use the scatterer to randomly trigger sounds but all of them coming from a single point in space. To do this set the “Min & Max Scatter Distance” to 0.00 – 0.00 that will prevent the attenuation from the FMOD 3D panner and send a full scale signal through the the spatializer. In this case you should have a spatializer on the parent event that holds the scatterer sound.

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