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How to disable HeadTracking from the camera

speeder84speeder84 Posts: 8
edited July 2016 in Oculus Go Development
Hey there, I'm new with Unity and VR stuff so be patient please. I'm working on a project where i want the camera to be static in front of an object, and want to get gyroscope values to do other stuff, is there any way to do something like that? If so please try to explain me how, step by step, slow and easy please, don't forget i'm new with all this. I'll really appreciate your answer. Have a nice day.
PD: I'm working over Unity 5.3.5f1, gear VR and galaxy S6.

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  • speeder84speeder84 Posts: 8
    Hi, thanks for your reply, I'll try to follow and apply those steps, it could be what I need, if, like you said,  the camera stays stationary and I can get those rotation values to use them in another stuff. Once again thank for the quick reply, I'll post my results as soon as I can, have a nice day.
  • speeder84speeder84 Posts: 8
    Hi, after reading a lot of documentation about quaternion and following the steps on that discussion I could achieve what I wanted, thanks
  • sFoster83sFoster83 Posts: 1
    I'm having problems navigating in VR and thought this topic might be a solution, do you guys think it would work?
    I find myself a couple inches from my apartment wall so I turn around. But then in VR my character turned around too and now I'm facing the totally wrong way. It's such a hassle and it makes my experience very uncomfortable and I was thinking if I could press in on an analogue stick it would lock the headset from changing direction, I can flip a quick 180 in meatspace, and then toggle the button again to turn the headset direction back on.
    Does this sound like an effective solution to the problem? The thing that confuses me is if I lock it while I'm looking down then unlock it while i"m looking up then everything gets all screwy, so maybe this just works by changing which direction is north? I'm only a consumer but if it's a good solution I might put the effort into it. This VR stuff has potential if only I could move around!!
  • antoine.delaballeantoine.delaballe Posts: 6
    edited July 2018
    Any ideas of how to do that with the native mobile SDK (on a native android application)?
    I'm actually trying to do the same thing but i didn't managed to do it.
    I also tried to freeze the camera with .setCameraType(Freeze.ID) which works but I lose the head rotation...
    Do you have a solution using the freezing of the camera ?

    Thank you.
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