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ovr_SubmitFrame does not handle vsync - OpenGL API

loickolorloickolor Posts: 9

I'm using the SDK 1.3 with OpenGL API to develop an app that is not distributed on Oculus platform, so the app has to be started from Windows and not from the Oculus app, I mean that I don't have the Oculus mounted when I start my app.

When my app starts, the rendering fps for Oculus part is very huge and it only becomes normal (90fps) when I mount the Oculus on my head. if I unmount the Oculus, fps rendering is still ok to 90fps. So problem occurs only as long as I didn't mount my Oculus a first time.

In my rendering loop for Oculus, I do my rendering and I call ovr_SubmitFrame to let Oculus driver do his stuff and take care of vsync. But in this particular case it seems that ovr_SubmitFrame does not handle vsync.


  • galopingalopin Posts: 355
    Nexus 6
    It happens while submit frame repport the headset show the health and safety annoying message, just sleep yourself in that case
  • It also happens without the health message, just putting my finger on the light captor do the job.

    Anyway, you're right I can sleep in this case but I think it should be more proper that SDK always handle vsync. Oculus dev what's your opinion ?
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