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Particle effects

saarwiisaarwii Posts: 31
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So I am trying to achieve a decent looking storm cloud effect. I think what I have right now looks pretty good, at least in the editor. When i run on my Gear VR the particles "pivot" when you turn your head in a wierd way that makes the whole ting look woonky. I have read that this is a problem with particle effects and VR but i haven found that much about what the cause of the problem is or how to create a good smoke/cloud effect in unity that is suitable for VR. Any input, tips or simple explanations on the subject would be appreciated.


  • FulbyFulby Posts: 184
    edited August 2016
    I had this - it's because the particles are aligned so that:
    The Z/forward axis of the particle faces the camera - this is fine
    The Y/up axis matches the up axis of the camera - so when the user tilts their head the billboard tilts too.

    There are other alignment options in the particle system but I don't know the correct combination. Look into the simulation space (main tab), and render mode (render tab).

    I didn't use particles for this in the end because I was creating billboards for an asteroid field which would be stationary and permanent once created. Instead I used quads with a sprite texture, and wrote a script which realigned the billboards to face the camera but use an 'up' I specified (and only does so every N frames so save CPU cost). This results in a stable orientation and the billboards are still batched to one draw call.
  • saarwiisaarwii Posts: 31
    Brain Burst
    Thanks! I will try something similar! 
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