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General Note 4 Performance Suggestions

8bit8bit Posts: 94 Oculus Start Member
So I have a game working silky smooth on S6 with like 4 skinned characters. Then I try on Note 4, reduce down to 2 characters, still getting crummy framerate. Maybe not related to my characters but honestly that's about all I got going on.

I will PROFILE and dig into it but I just got to thinking - anybody know of general suggestions to get better performance on a Note 4, as compared to S6?

I didn't find anything in the forums, if something exists would be nice to see it.

I know there are 2 versions of Note 4 (Snapdragon/Adreno, Exynos/Mali) so some things may only be relevant to one platform or another.

Here's stuff I remember (but should be verified):
- MSAAx2 is practically free, MSAAx4 is a little more costly than is for S6
- Don't upgrade Android beyond 4.4 on the Snapdragon version of Note 4 or you'll take a significant performance it, I'm guessing this is still the case but verification would be nice
- Was suggested to use ETC2 compression, I'm using ATSC because preferred on Mali GPU but I'll switch for a Note 4 build if it helps.

I'm looking for advice like:
- Don't use textures beyond X size because the Adreno GPU blows up, even though Mali GPU is fine
- Use XXXX texture compression because Adreno GPU likes it
- in shaders this func and that func are way slower so don't use them
- Any caveats with CPU, Vector processing, etc
- Click magical "be awesome on Note 4" option in Unity 5.4
- Or, dude just give up, we all upgraded

I'm just looking to save a little time in the profile, hack, test cycle



  • FulbyFulby Posts: 184
    My game failed the performance test for Note 4. I didn't have a Note4 so had to guess, but here's some of the things I did and it passed the next time.

    Reduces the renderTarget size to 0.75
    Turn off a particle system (it rendered 500-1000 billboards in one draw call).
    Made CPU optimisations (reduce the Unity script work done each frame)

    I was using ATSC.
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