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i using functions of the platform SDK, but the ue4 editor crashs

bazhuadyeubazhuadyeu Posts: 4
edited August 2016 in Platform SDK Development
hi,i'm a newbie trying to use platform SDK in my ue4 project, got a problem here:
i add some functions of platform SDK in my ue4 project such as "ovr_PopMessage()" or "Online::GetIdentityInterface()‐>GetUserPrivilege()"
the functions completed fine, but once i call them in the blueprint, the ue4 editor crashs,does this simply because i'm not downloaded the app from oculus store with a indentified accunt ?


  • brian_jewbrian_jew Posts: 62 Oculus Staff
    Do you have a screenshot of how you are calling it in a blueprint?  For the UserPrivilege(), we have it wrapped in a blueprint as "Verify Entitlement"  You should be able to find that in Oculus|Platform
  • bazhuadyeubazhuadyeu Posts: 4
    @brain_jew thank you for reply, i add those codes into a c++ actor class BeginPlay(), complete them then add the actor into map, trying to update achievement process then show them (maybe i can do this by just blueprint? :D if so please tell me)
    after that when i press play button the editor crashs immediately, and i have no idea what causes this..

  • bazhuadyeubazhuadyeu Posts: 4
    @brain_jew i also tried to use native api, it also makes editor crash
    codes as below:
    pollboardmessage() runs well, but "ovrMessage *response = ovr_PopMessage();"  will cause a crash.
    please tell me if any stupid mistake i have made  :|

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