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Does FMOD plugin for arm64 exist?

I'm trying to get FMOD working with a Nexus 6P which uses the arm64-v8a instruction set. The current Oculus Audio SDK, audiosdk_1.0.4, only includes one FMOD plugin file, libovrfmod.so, which appears to built for armeabi-v7a instruction set. Is there a version of libovrfmod.so that's built for the arm64-v8a instruction set? 


  • PetrozaPetroza Posts: 139 Oculus Staff
    edited August 2016
    We do not currently have a 64-bit ARM version of our spatializer, and no immediate plans to release one. The newer arm64-v8a devices should be backward compatible with older instruction set, so you can use the existing plugin by making a 32-bit app using armebai-v7a. If you have a need for 64-bit ARM support I would be interested to know why, feel free to PM me about it.
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