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Low-level C/C++ SDK Request

It states on the Oculus SDK Contents and Features webpage that a low-level C/C++ SDK [..] is also available by request. I am very interested in working with this SDK. Please can someone from Oculus provide me with access to this SDK. Many thanks.


  • PROGrandPROGrand Posts: 1
    edited August 2016
    And for me too, please.
  • Hi Oculus... this is just a followup with regard to the Low Level C/C++ Audio SDK - please can you get back to me as soon as possible with a download link; time is of the essence for development. If for some reason you cannot make this download available, then please let me know. Kind regards,
  • email me peter.stirling at oculus dot com
  • grrrwaaagrrrwaaa Posts: 7
    May I also request the low-level C/C++ audio SDK? I'm the principal developer of the Oculus plugin for Max/MSP (, which is a widely-used environment for digital audio/computer music and interactive arts. Many ambisonics researchers use this environment, and it would be great to get direct integration with the SDK.  Have also emailed, in case that is still valid.
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