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VRFocusLost / Acquired is not being called on builds

TedBrownTedBrown Posts: 4
I'm trying to utilize OVRManager.VrFocusAcquired and OVRManager.VrFocusLost to tell a UI Canvas in Screen Space (which is only visible on the monitor) to show "nothing" (if the headset is on) or instructions on how to put the headset on (if the headset is off).

This _works_ in the editor. I see on-screen text indicating the change in status, and if I press a key my local boolean "hasVRFocus" (which is set in the delegates) reports correctly.

It does _not_ work in a build. My delegates are not being called. I get no on-screen text updates from those methods (while others work fine), and "hasVRFocus" always reports its initial value.

This is with Unity 5.4.0p2 and Oculus 1.6 on Windows 8.1, using a CV1, in a custom project created solely to test this feature.

Looking for assistance!


  • kerskkersk Posts: 82 Oculus Staff
    Hi Ted, there may in fact be a bug here. I'll ask our QA to take a look.
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