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Unwanted Freeze/Pause/Idle when CV1 isn't moving.

Hi all ! 

Currently I'm working on a Unity3d application for the CV1. 
When running the build without moving the CV1, the application freezes after 10 minutes every time.
If there's only one computer running this program on its own there's no problem, because when you put on 
the CV1 it automatically continues where it was paused.

The actual problem is when 2 computers are running at the same time through networking:
When one of both computers are in this freeze mode, the other one can't continue to another scene, because they need to wait for each other before going to the next scene.

Is there a way to solve this?

The only way to get this going at the moment is by moving both CV1's so they can go on for another 10 minutes. But I want to get this annoying freeze completely removed, so that they both can run for example all day long. Anyone got a possible solution/fix ? 

Thanks in advance ! 



  • VanGreVanGre Posts: 4
    Since there wasn't any reply what so ever, thanks! I really appreciate it... 
    I had to find a way around this problem. 
    As it is right now, the chance this issue still occurs is as small as can be, however i'd rather see this freezing gone in the future.

    There has to be a way to set this power saving freeze off so the project can run continuously. So, if someone knows a way, please share!  I'm sure there are more people experiencing this
  • pjennesspjenness Posts: 692
    edited October 2016
    I get similar

    If I have multiplay (I use photon) if I leave a headset not moving after x minutes it completely locks up and  I have to End Task it.

    I want to disable that auto freeze during my app

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