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Samsung Gear VR - Samsung S7, battery retainer without button and other options

gabrielstuffgabrielstuff Posts: 2
edited September 2016 in Oculus Go Development
Hi there,

We want to offer to a large number of people the possibility to see what other see at the same time, a realtime sharing 360 experience.
We have now up to 20 Gear VR with S7 that play content seamlessly and synchronously.

We want the user not to be able to touch the two button : back / return and use the pad. But the battery must not drain... and retain.

The only issue we have is the Oculus itself. Dodging the Oculus Home launch was fairly easy using package disabler pro and turning off the GearVR Service

Unfortunately, when you turn this service off the battery will drain and the samsung won't use the micro USB.

Thus we have tried to understand the connectors and what was the 8 pins about. We try to hide, and remove each of the pins, we did well, and indeed some of them trigger the Oculus Home. Unfortunately, hidding / removing them also block the battery from charging.

Finally, we figure out something funny, if you just use the micro USB adaptator out of the Samsung Gear VR and plug it to a phone, the phone will try to load the Oculus Home. We guess, it would be based on the electrical impedance. We disassembled this part and remove the only resistor that we could see. Unfortunately for us, it does not change anything.

We also tried the Screen Pin mode. It works great and allow to block the pad and the button but the battery won't charge.

The problem looks part software, like of Oculus Home was allowing by some sort of voodoo code the battery to retain / charge through the Gear VR.

Any help or understanding would be greatly appreciate.


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