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Cannot add test users

I am experiencing blocking problems with the test process.
I cannot seem to be able to create test users at all. I also tried adding my own account.
I always receive the following message: "Sorry, we couldn't locate the user that you were looking for."

Conversely, the page accepts IDs that are not emails (such as "aaa"). I can see those fake users in the list, but obviously I have no way of using them.

Please help.


  • bchapsbchaps Posts: 7
    Hello Oculus community,

    I Up this topic.

    I always added users by ID, it was working fine, UNTIL NOW.

    To add a new user to a test project, i quote :

    "As of 14 mars 2017, all users must be added by email address instead of username."

    Ok, so i start adding 2 users by email adress:

    with xxx the name of my test account. the first account is correctly added, BUT the second one (with ".it" ) give me the same exact error as the previous Post :

    "Sorry, we couldn't locate the user that you were looking for."

    Is there any explaination ?

    Thank you

  • ki7aki7a Posts: 42 Oculus Start Member
    Same Issue here. I can't add test users and I'm getting the same message. Any solution?
  • ClintonReddieClintonReddie Posts: 1
    edited October 2018
    EDIT: this was probably user error, so nevermind. Feel free to delete this comment.
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