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CV1 - Hardware Error

GilleymanGilleyman Posts: 1
Spoke with Support and once i submitted the error message and screen shots of my problem they have not replied in 3 days. After i have tried everything on their copy and pasted support attempt i get no help anymore

The Rift worked perfectly for 2 months. No out of the blue it does not work. The sensor is not being picked up, I have tried ALOT of things, i will list them below

- Removal of USB drivers with WSBDeview
- Power setting adjustments
- Uninstall and Reinstall all software
- Tried all USB 3.0 and 2.0 Slots
- Updateing windows and drivers
- Rolling back windows and drivers

Im at a loss here, for such an expensive piece of hardware i figured it would have more then a 2 month life to it.

Any help would be great, Below are my computers info

Windows 10
Asus Z97-A Mobo
2x GTX 980's
16 Gigs 1866 RAM
Intel i7 4790K CPU
1000 Watt EVGA PSU
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