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Trouble unpairing Touch controllers

Hi all,

I've had an older set of Touch controllers paired for some time, we received some new sets to I swapped to one of those. I removed the old device via "Forget Device", in the settings, paired the new ones. Everything fine.

However today someone has come to use the old set, the second they turn them on, my PC recognises them and pairs, giving me 4 Touch controllers paired. I tried swapping back to the old set, forgetting the new ones, sadly they also appear the second they're powered up. I went as far as completely uninstalling/reinstalling the Oculus software, without any pairing required it immediately spotted my 4 Touch controllers.

Is there any reliable way I can forget these permanently?


  • HardlightAlastairHardlightAlastair Posts: 3
    I should also mention I cleared my Oculus folder in C:/Users/username/AppData/Local/Oculus/, which was required when I tried to reinstall the software.
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