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Experiences/Concepts - How does the workflow work? Change price/category

TrevJTTrevJT Posts: 44
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I've got a game under the concepts section that I've been continually updating and adding to, It's free and so far getting an average of 1000/downloads/day and 'pretty good' reviews(3.8 stars).

My question is - What do I do when I want to charge for the game? How do I move it out of concepts and into the "Games" section.

Currently I can not change the category or the price when I update it or add new builds.

There must be a workflow that Oculus had in mind for this?

FYI I'm not ready to charge for it yet but some major updates are coming out and I believe it is worth charging for soon.


  • metrocubemetrocube Posts: 55 Oculus Staff
    Attributes such as the price, age rating, and category are considered fundamental attributes of a reviewed app, so they can only be changed with the assistance of Oculus staff. Contact [email protected] to discuss changing these attributes of your app.
  • InfigmentStudiosInfigmentStudios Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    I was told that Oculus will contact you when they think the game is ready to leave the concepts section.
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