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Cannot enable ASW on Runtime 1.8

spyrospyro Posts: 344
Hi there,

according to this slide from Oculus Connect 3 it should be possible to enable Asynchronous Space Warp (ASW) on Runtime 1.8, using a registry key:

I created a new DWORD-32 value ("1") as there was no further info about that. I had to create the whole structure as there wasn't any "Oculus VR, LLC" key under HKLM (only under HKCU).

Then I restarted the Oculus Software from the "Beta"-Tab in the settings. When running any VR app and pressing Numpad1-4 there is still absolutely no effect.

I also tried to create a new key (= folder) with name "AswEnabled" giving it the default value of "1". Nothing.

What did I do wrong?


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