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oculus CV1 build Help

ChineseGuyChineseGuy Posts: 1

Unity 5.4.1f1, Oculus utilities 1.8.9 installed. Oculus App Version 1.8.0277202   leap Motion 3.1.3+41910  

When I'm working on the Unity Editor, everything is working fine, oculus detected, camera head tracking working fine.

But when I build a .exe, nothing works, the Oculus Rift is not detected.

GC : Gtx1060
leap motion  is woeking fine ,but oculus  is not detected.
The oculus is working fine with the oculus market place.
 Debug.Log(VRDevice.isPresent);  ==false  
  Debug.Log(VRSettings.enabled);   ==false 
Anyone  can  give any idea?


  • LiensLiens Posts: 3
    I have this same issue Unity 5.4.2f2, DX11, GTX970, Oculus
  • LiensLiens Posts: 3
    Figured it out, you need to toggle Development Build on before building
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