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Gear VR crash issue with unity 5.4.2 p2

Hello, I am developing a simple application in which some data and images gets downloaded from server and gets stored in local storage. Now there are 2 issues -
 1) When I start my application for the very first time it runs fine, it do not gets any file from local storage so downloads it from threads. Now when I start the application the second time it gets crashed. If I delete the data from Applications it runs again.
2) After successful run of the application I am on my main scene. Now when I go to another scene and comes back to the main scene it crashes giving a "memory violation" error in logs.
I thought that its a Read permission issue so I added those permissions in my manifest and checked if its getting merged in the  google project. But then also its happening.

Please help as i am under deadlines and literally stuck because of this.


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