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Oculus Platform - InviteUser

ArtDevVOArtDevVO Posts: 11

When I get a UserList with Rooms.GetInvitableUsers, each User has a InviteToken but when I use Users.GetLoggedInUserFriends(), each User has a InviteToken which is null ...

Do you know why ?

Thanks in advance !


  • brian_jewbrian_jew Posts: 62 Oculus Staff
    Hi Art.  The Invite Tokens are a one time use token which is why they are only present in Rooms. GetInvitableUser().  In order to send an invite to that same person again you need to get a new invite token with Rooms.GetInvitableUser().  Users.GetLoggedInUserFriends() doesn't necessarily mean that you're trying to invite someone, so it's not generating one time use invite tokens.

    See for more details: https://developer3.oculus.com/documentation/platform/1.5/tasks/dg-cc-room-invites/
  • ArtDevVOArtDevVO Posts: 11
    edited October 2016
    Thanks, I understand now.

    So, if I want create new UserList to invite with only my friend. I need to use GetLoggedInUserFriends first, then GetInvitableUser and compare to find the InviteToken of my friends ?

    Or, maybe the RoomJoinPolicy of my room influence the result of GetInvitableUser ? (Everyone, FriendsOfMembers, FriendsOfOwner, ...)
  • ViaccessOrcaDevVRViaccessOrcaDevVR Posts: 4
    It works but ...
    I have three accounts to test my demo with two or more users in my room.
    My three accounts are friends each others.

    But when I call GetInvitableUser(), UserList is not good :
    - Account 1 : UserList contains only Account 2
    - Account 2 : UserList contains only Account 1
    - Account 3 : UserList contains Account 1 & Account 2

    I test LaunchInvitableUserFlow() but the result is the same...

    Any idea ?

    Thanks in advance !
  • ArtDevVOArtDevVO Posts: 11
    I found why...
    It was the account's privacy settings ...
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