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Not seeing Invite UI when invoking LaunchInvitableUserFlow

I'm invoking LaunchInvitableUserFlow(roomID) and the Options menu is showing, but there is no Oculus UI showing regarding inviting friends.

Has this feature been implemented yet? or am I not seeing it for some reason? (e.g. no friends to invite)

Any help would be appreciated, I think I might be going insane!


  • charles.beyercharles.beyer Posts: 33 Oculus Staff
    Yeah, this is working.  Perhaps the person you are trying it invite is either not a friend or not entitled to the App.
  • BobScottBobScott Posts: 43
    Brain Burst
    hippovision - did you ever get this to work?  I'm having the same problem...
  • r0b0sarur0b0saru Posts: 48 Oculus Start Member
    I am also having the same problem on Rift, but it works fine on Gear VR. @BobScott
    and @hippovision, did you ever get this to work?
  • BobScottBobScott Posts: 43
    Brain Burst
    I had not actually installed the app I was trying to invite friends to (developing and running inside VS2015).
  • r0b0sarur0b0saru Posts: 48 Oculus Start Member
    Thanks @BobScott, just confirmed this myself! Much appreciated!
  • SURV_0hmxj8SURV_0hmxj8 Posts: 1
    Thank you soooo much Bob Scott. I just wasted like 2 days trying to figure out why this UI was not working on PC. And your comment is the only place I've ever seen it mentioned that you need to have it installed from the oculus app for this to work. even when I am building directly from VS. 

    Is there anyway this information can be added to the documentation or ideally fixed so you dont need to have it installed through the app if you are doing development work. Adding it to the docs really should happen, i cant imagine how many other people have had this problem as well. 
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