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How do I update oculus gear vr it won't update

davidminnis45davidminnis45 Posts: 1
I have a Samsung Galaxy s6 and the oculus gear vr and when I hit update it won't updat


  • wilcovanhalwilcovanhal Posts: 1
    I have the smasung s7 and nor can i update. I can not find the install button anymore
  • NelsBertNelsBert Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. Samsung S7. VR Gear worked fine. suddenly wanted to update and new terms of license agreement. no install button to hit on the last step, now it doesnt work at all. (S7 works fine, just no gear support)
    I tried complete reset and uninstalling the vr apps. step by step. nothing worked.
    Facebook apps are allowed.
    It's been like that since one or two weeks.

    Any help would be nice.
    Thank you
  • YocahuYocahu Posts: 2
    After a break of using Samsung VR I tried to use it with my grandkids a couple of weeks ago. That's when I found out that Oculus needed to be update.I haven't been able to use the darn thing anymore. Every time that I try to update it closes the application and crashes. I tried the uninstall,reinstall, restart you name it. All troubleshooting has been done without success. Don't know what to do anymore. It really sucks!! :s
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