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Unity Samples - trackedComponents didn't have body

cbdileocbdileo Posts: 6 Oculus Start Member
I imported the unity package from the 3rd drop of the AvatarSDK. I also imported the Oculus Unity Utilities to allow the project to build. When I load any of the samples I get the following error when I run it.
Exception: trackedComponents didn't have body
OvrAvatar.UpdateAvatarComponent (ovrAvatarComponent component) (at Assets/OvrAvatar/Scripts/OvrAvatar.cs:279)
OvrAvatar.UpdateSDKAvatarUnityState () (at Assets/OvrAvatar/Scripts/OvrAvatar.cs:481)
OvrAvatar.Update () (at Assets/OvrAvatar/Scripts/OvrAvatar.cs:658)


  • cbdileocbdileo Posts: 6 Oculus Start Member
    The problem went away but i'm not actually sure why
  • jonjhigginsjonjhiggins Posts: 1
    I had the same issue, I disabled "LocalAvatar" in the Oculus SDK game object and it went away (I don't have an avatar in my app)
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