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Support for Touch, coming from the Vive

sourcenitysourcenity Posts: 11 Oculus Start Member

We've developed a room-scale VR experience for the Vive, made with Unity, which we're selling on Steam. We're now trying to port it to the Rift. I've two questions with regard to this.

First, we're currently using OpenVR. It seems that it should support the Rift and Touch, and in fact it does tracking and most buttons out of the box, but we've not managed to get haptic rumble working, nor the Y,B, and Menu Button on the touch controllers. Does anyone have any info regarding this problem?

Second, to all touch Unity (5.4) developers: Are you using Unity native integration, or are you selecting "Oculus" as the SDK, and using the Oculus Tools? Is there a demo project online which uses all of the Touch features, buttons, etc.? I seem to have missed it.



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