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Weird behavior when setting new top scores after clearing leaderboards

I think I may have found a bug in the Oculus Platform Leaderboards.

We currently have leaderboards set up for our game where Lower scores are better. (Golf scoring)

Everything was working great until I cleared the leaderboards -- after I receive the following error whenever my score is higher than the previously set score, on the empty leaderboard!

Error setting leaderboard score: 
{"error":{"message":"Permissions error","type":"OCApiException","code":200,"fbtrace_id":"GKDDIKZnwt3"}}
If I get a score that is lower than the previously saved score (yes on the empty leaderboards) it will save the value successfully and then I see my score show up in the leaderboards.

It appears that there is some additional state that's being checked before allowing the score to get set in the leaderboard that doesn't correctly get cleared when the leaderboards are cleared.



  • brian_jewbrian_jew Posts: 62 Oculus Staff
    Hi ElectricJack, could you pm me your app id and which leaderboard this is happening on?

    Even if it's checking the previous scores and the reset failed, setting a higher score shouldn't result in a permission error.  Is this happening consistently each time a higher score is being set?
  • ElectricJackElectricJack Posts: 3
    Thank you! PMed
  • Catweazle3Catweazle3 Posts: 4
    I am also getting this problem with a Lower is better leaderboard. I have also recently cleared the leaderboards. Did you manage to fix this, if so how? 

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