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Constants for leaderboard error codes

Are there any constants/defines for error codes related to ovr_Leaderboard_* responses in the NDK? I'm currently hard-coding the error codes, but am worried the codes might change in future platform releases. The two I'm using are the following:

12074: Calling ovr_Leaderboard_GetEntries with ovrLeaderboard_StartAtCenteredOnViewer returns empty because the player isn't ranked (ie. the player doesn't have a leaderboard entry for the specified leaderboard)
12075: The leaderboard specified in the call to ovr_Leaderboard_GetEntries doesn't exist.

How I display the leaderboards on an error in my app depends on what type of error is returned (or in the first case of 12074 I treat it as not being an actual error and I don't reattempt to get the leaderboard info).

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