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Wwise/UE4 Reflections Engine Issue

I've spent the day getting the Oculus Audio SDK 1.1.1 installed and integrated with Wwise 2016.1.3 and UE 4.13.2. The test project that I have set up is recognising the plugin and seems to be correctly processing the sounds through the HRTF algorithm.

The issue I'm having at the moment though is that the Reflections Engine does not seem to be activating when playing inside UE4. I am currently using these settings:

No matter how drastic (i.e. loud/noticeable) I make the settings, no effect comes through. If I increase the gain 12db, the original signal is boosted but still no environmental effects. However, if I remotely connect Wwise to UE4, then the Reflections Engine starts processing the sound and I can hear the reflections/late reverberation.

I have had a hard time finding any thorough documentation on how the integration is supposed to be handled, so is there something that I'm missing here? Should UE4 just automatically be recognising that there are reflections that need to be calculated and processed, or is there some other step in UE4 that needs to happen for that?

Thanks very much,


  • DaveDriggersDaveDriggers Posts: 114 Oculus Staff
    Hi Andrew,

    I haven't heard of that issue happening in UE4, but I have noticed some issues with using plugins in the Wwise Unity integration, related generating sound banks. Sometimes, changes to plugin settings in my wwise project would not be active if I was using the Unity editor interface to generate banks. Can you try generating your banks directly from the Wwise tool? Make sure they are going into the location that Unreal is loading them from. 

    dave driggers | audio programmer | Oculus VR
  • jaleleddine.azzabijaleleddine.azzabi Posts: 1
    edited July 14
    Hi Andrew,

    I have the same issue : the HRTF algorithm works but the Reflections Engine works only when I remotely connect Wwise to UE4. I wanted to know if you have found a solution for this issue? And if so, can you share it with us please :smiley:

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