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Is it possible to use the SDK without taking "VR Focus"?

TheAsuroTheAsuro Posts: 1
I'm trying to write a simple application, which only needs to find out if the user has the HMD on their head or not. I currently do that with ovr_GetSessionStatus(&session, &status); which requires me to initialize a session. Doing the initialization will make the SDK think that I'm a full VR game that wants to render something to the HMD, which is not the case.

TL;DR Is there some way that I can find out if the user has the HMD on, without actually initializing a VR session?


  • SuperFreqSuperFreq Posts: 8
    I have a very similar question. In OpenVR you can initialize your app as "VRApplication_Background" or "VRApplication_Overlay". This allows the app to get info like HMD status and controller positions. How is this done with OVR?  Is there a way to have your app coexist alongside other apps?

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