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GearVR apps don't look 3D to me

Grendahl06Grendahl06 Posts: 4
edited December 2016 in Collaboration
when tinkering with the store models for the 3DS I see artificial 3D just fine; but everything I've tried in Gear VR looks like a head mounted motion control screen showing me 2D images.  Don't get me wrong, the Discovery channel app is cool with the spherical camera, but it still looks like a 2D landscape.  (Also as a point of reference, Avatar looked amazing in IMAX 3D to me.)

Are the apps for this hardware junk or is the hardware itself junk?

EDIT: why do the forums refuse to let me post this to the GearVR discussion? The category selections were entirely geared to game creation, which is not at all related to anything I selected
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