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Remap Toush buttons/trigger to "Fire1"

EnmarkEnmark Posts: 87
Hiro Protagonist
 Anyone know how to easy convert the touch trigger to "Fire1" (Left mouse button) 

Default in the SDK, button.ONE on the toush controller is lunching my projectile using old script with "Fire1" (Left mouse button)
if (Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1")) {

Is there an easy way to remap:
 "Button.One" = "Fire1 / LMB"      to:      "PrimaryindexTrigger" = "Fire1 / LMB"  

Could this be done in the OVRinput.cs skript without changing the "Fire1" script?

/ Best regards from the Dactyl Nightmare  dev. Fredrik


  • EnmarkEnmark Posts: 87
    Hiro Protagonist
    Great to hear!

    That is my main problem for the moment, Easy remaping of all touch/buttons without using scripts, but using unity default interface or somethng like that . otherwise im probably have to go with the "NewtonVR" setup  
  • JBivBeatsJBivBeats Posts: 12
    I had this problem and I worked on developing a script for days trying to get this to work.  My work around was to go in to your input settings and go to the input fire one drop-down menu and add the touch controller as alternate positive. That way mouse clicks the input fire 1 and the touch controller does also. I think it is referenced as button.1. So what ever button you would like just type into the input settings under input fire 1. No script needed!
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