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Project - save memories.

LordJediOcuLordJediOcu Posts: 2
i really don't know where to write new ideas for oculus 3d. i'm a creative artist and producer, i work in tv and cinema in my country as director and creative producer. One week ago i tried Oculus 3d and i started imaging new projects, for example a software that can re build our memories, and another one for original video chast. I would love to talk to an expert or a technician becus the first one is correlate with the develop of AI. 

Please help me to find a way to talk with oculus developer.


I cannot write my ideas fully here.


  • LordJediOcuLordJediOcu Posts: 2
    Ok, i'm going to tell you a bit more. Project save memories, is a project focused on our lost memories, place of our teenage, or childhood that we lost forever, people that were really important fo us, and all the memories that we cannot touch anymore, or listen, or look at. 
    Write me if you want more details please.
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