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Simple Ideas for Oculus Dev Team that we would like to see.

Hi I'm creating this discussion for people to post some simple ideas that they think should be added to the oculus home. Leave your opinions about some other people's ideas or post your own. 

For example :
I would like to see a sort function in the game selection library for which type of controller support the game has.

From a programming standpoint the information should already be stored in a database somewhere because they have that information posted on the storefront so it should be as simple as creating another sql query with a different order by clause then for whatever group by it is in adding another small image on the game to show what controller to use.

I am new to my Oculus Rift/Touch setup and I own 54 games I am constantly picking up and setting down my controllers in order to grab the right ones and not only that sometimes when i want to try a new touch game i have to go as far to take the headset off and then look in the online store to find the game that I want to try.


  • roadnightroadnight Posts: 1
    Would be nice to see phone connectivity like the Vive 
  • RedavenRedaven Posts: 12
    roadnight said:
    Would be nice to see phone connectivity like the Vive 
    Absolutely - doesn't the Rift already have Bluetooth?

    Would be great to pick up a phone call whilst in supercruise in Elite Dangerous, have the volume toned down a bit so you can hear the phone call.

    Quality of Life features will add a lot to the usability of the Rift CV1 and future hardware.
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