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Lightweight query for number of leaderboard entries?

Hi there!

I will soon be integrating the leaderboard service into our Unity game. Leaderboards make the most sense for us when the entries are displayed to the user as, for example, "Top 73%". This percentage-based display requires us to know how many entries exist in the leaderboard.

I see that there is a REST request to get all leaderboard entries, but this seams a bit heavy considering I just want a count of how many exist. I am also using Unity, so I'm not sure if this request is abstracted yet in the Unity SDK. (Unless I can get this functionality by providing a very large "limit" parameter to my get entries request?)

If this isn't possible, I think this "get entry count" might be a good feature to have for games like ours that benefit more from a percentile leaderboard rather than a straight ranking system.



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