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Quill - live performance art & video

KarenDeerKarenDeer Posts: 1
Hello, I'm interested in using the oculus rift with quill to produce live performance art as well as video. I'm wondering about the capabilities:

1. Create virtual illustration, then have a performance artist interact with it live, projecting the video of what they see to the audience
- Would I be able to do this with the oculus rift & quill? What equipment is needed? How would the video be projected onscreen?

2. Record the creation of a virtual 3D illustration and output that as a video file that I could use in video editing software
- Same questions as above + what video file would be output?

3. Record someone interacting with the 3D illustration, as well as record thier POV in the real world (I'm thinking of rigging up a go pro to do this) then layer the 2 together in post-production to create an augmented reality video effect
- Same questions as above, looking for advice on equipment needed as well as set up
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