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Is it possible to get my game out of "Gallery Apps" limbo?

seatedmechseatedmech Posts: 95 Oculus Start Member
I don't understand why my game is being tucked away in a hard-to-find section, with a banner from Oculus distancing themselves from the quality of it.

I've gotten very positive feedback from players saying some of the following:
"Visually, it looks stunning. Everything is styled very nicely"
"Actually controlling the game is very easy and intuitive, no problems there. I liked playing against the AI - good level of difficulty. It never felt too easy or too difficult."
"Great job making it immersive. You feel like you're really in the room, and with headphones on it really sounds like the balls are whizzing past your ears."

I realize I'm biased because this game is my own, but I really think that in some ways it's even superior to other games in the "Games" section.

What does a developer need to do to get out of this hidden away purgatory?


  • seatedmechseatedmech Posts: 95 Oculus Start Member
  • ssc_mikessc_mike Posts: 5
    What's that thanks for? Admin just told you that your app will move from the "junkyard" when they feel like. You are ok with this kind of treatment? 
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