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New libraries for using Oculus Rift in .Net applications (announcement)

If you are a .Net programmer and you have an Oculus Rift headset, then I have some great news for you.

I have updated the outdated .Net wrapper for Oculus SDK (OculusWrap) so that it now supports the latest version of the SDK. It can be get with full source code for free from GitHub: https://github.com/ab4d/Ab3d.OculusWrap

This means that if you know how to program with DirectX (with using SharpDX) you can now use the latest features from Oculus SDK.

If you do not want to work with low level Oculus SKD or do not know how to program with DirectX or OpenGL, then I would like to invite you to try the Ab3d.DXEngine.

The Ab3d.DXEngine is a DirectX 11 rendering engine for desktop .Net applications. It is not another game engine where you use game editor, but is a general purpose 3D engine that allows you to build your 3D scene just as you build your 2D GUI. This makes it great for business or engineering applications that require 3D graphics. 

The great news is that with using Ab3d.DXEngine you can add full Oculus Rift support to your .Net application with just a few lines of code. A sample project is available on GitHub.

To quickly check how easy is to define a 3D scene and add Oculus rift support, you can check the main sample file: https://github.com/ab4d/Ab3d.OculusWrap/blob/master/Ab3d.OculusWrap/Ab3d.DXEngine.OculusWrap.Sample/MainWindow.xaml.cs

The following screenshot shows that the engine can easily run with great performance at 90 FPS:

I hope that the added support for .Net will make the great world of real VR much closer to many .Net developers around the world.

Note and disclaimer:
The Ab3d.DXEngine library is a commercial library. You can get a 60-day trial from https://www.ab4d.com/Downloads.aspx. The Ab3d.OculusWrap library (.Net wrapper for Oculus SDK) is free.

I am the CEO and lead developer for AB4D company that develops the Ab3d.DXEngine library.
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