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Is it possible to log touch controller data without taking exclusive control of the rift?

saiboteggahsaiboteggah Posts: 6
edited January 2017 in Platform SDK Development
I'm interested in logging touch controller data while I'm using other applications, for use in exploring some machine learning ideas. However, I don't have background in Windows programming or the Oculus SDK and it's unclear how I should proceed.
1) Will ovr_Initialize and/or ovr_Create fail if another process has an open session?
and if so,
2) The documentation suggests that the buttons on the touch controller generate xbox controller HID events (for which I can presumably register as a listener). Can I capture other touch controller events in the same way?


  • saiboteggahsaiboteggah Posts: 6
    Thank you for looking into this and for the heads up about the road map.
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