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Textures being rendered into two eyes have different coordinate system

This happened after a upgrade from sdk 0.6 to sdk 1.9, I have tried using same view point for both eyes and rendering for just left eye, the issue still persists, any ideas on where I could mess up stuff?


  • PD1111PD1111 Posts: 4

    Welcome to the Oculus Forums.

    What version of Unity are you utilizing for development?

    Please consult the Unity compatibility chart below to make sure that you are using the proper releases:


    I am using our own engine, and just upgraded the sdk to 1.9, followed release guide from 0.6 to 1.3, and now start to get that weird thing. I believe this has nothing to do with our rendering function since it worked before on DK2.
  • PD1111PD1111 Posts: 4
    Is your engine proprietary or freely available? I'm trying to get more information to help address this issue.

    Seeing as the SDK release you reference upgrading from is much older than those currently available, it could be any number of issues causing this on your end.

    It's proprietary, but the code for injecting ovr stuff is separate from the engine itself, if you would like to, I can show you some details regarding ovr stuff 
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