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FIX: Missing avatar graphics when you build and run a standalone Unity application

cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
Missing avatar graphics when you build and run a standalone Unity application (.exe).

Unity strips our shaders from the build because Avatar mesh parts are dynamically spawned. Also, our shaders currently require compiling with 64-bit addressing.

Steps to workaround:
1. Click Edit > Project Settings > Graphics. Under Always Included Shaders, add +3 to Size, and then add the following shading elements: AvatarSurfaceShader, AvatarSurfaceShaderPBS, and AvatarSurfaceShaderSelfOccluding.
2. In the Build Settings window, set Architecture to x86_x64.
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  • phindlephindle Posts: 48
    Brain Burst
    Thanks cyberreality.

    If you have problems with shader compilation errors when you build a standalone application, try adding the following lines to the .shader files which don't build:

    #pragma exclude_renderers gles3 metal d3d11_9x xbox360 xboxone ps3 ps4 psp2 
    #pragma target 3.0

    (And if you see : #pragma target 2.0, replace the "2.0" with "3.0". ShaderModel 2 only supports 32 const registers).

  • l0g1kl0g1k Posts: 47 Oculus Start Member
    This would apply to GearVR too, right?
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