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Offline Installer

DruedainDruedain Posts: 1
Adding in my vote for an offline installer.   I work in a SCIF and there is NO option for an online driver installer. We own 4 DK1's, 4 DK2's, 4 CV1's (Which we are struggling to use) with a potential to buy thousands for our agency.


  • swaec1234swaec1234 Posts: 2
    edited March 2017
    Here is what we did:
    1. Open Windows Explorer (This Computer, My Computer, etc)
    2. Start the installation on any PC.
    3. Find "OculusSetup-DownloadCache" Folder in C:\
    4. Double click the folder
    5. Take ownership/Permissions
    6. Open Task Manager and highlight OculusSetup.exe
    7. Let the installer download the files to the computer
    8. As soon as the computer says "Installing...," END TASK for OculusSetup.exe in Task Manager
    9. Copy the OculusSetup-DownloadCache folder to a flash drive
    10. Copy the OculusSetup.exe file (the installer stub) to same flash drive
    11. Copy the OculusSetup.exe stub and the DownloadCache folder to new computer, making sure you copy the DownloadCache folder to the root of C:\
    12. Run the OculusSetup.exe
    13. It will go into a "Not Responding" state temporarily. Just wait a few moments.
    14. It will "download" the files from the DownloadCache folder and install without the Internet!
  • rainabbarainabba Posts: 45
    Brain Burst
    You don't get "OculusSetup-DownloadCache" unless you're online and the setup program is working (even being online doesn't guarantee this).
  • argentinoxargentinox Posts: 2
    Can you provide for us the cache folder with working DK2 oculus home ?
  • Saraba.latmSaraba.latm Posts: 13
    I will be trying your method tomorrow. I am allowed to download things from work, my internet blows at home. 
    will report if it worked for me.. Thank You
  • PelatoPelato Posts: 2
    i reeealy like to have an offline installer!!
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